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Silica gel 60, 0.060-0.2mm; 70-230 mesh

  • CAS: 63231-67-4
  • Purity:
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  • Product Details

Product Overview

  • Product NameSilica gel 60, 0.060-0.2mm; 70-230 mesh
  • CAS No:63231-67-4
  • Alias:Gasil;Gasil 23F;Gasil HP 260;Gasil IJ 37;Gulsenit-Stabil;Hi-Sil;Hi-Sil 135;AY 601;AZ 204;Acematt HK 125;Acematt HK 460;Aeroperl380/50;Alofix SS;BW 200;BW 300;BY 001;BY 6A1;Baykisol 30;Bindzil CC 360;Bio-Sil RP 304;Britesorb 100;Cabotex A 2095;CariAct50;CariAct G 3;CariAct Q 10;Cat 30H;Chromosorb LC 6;Chunwang 056870;Coporoc 25P;Crosfield 23F;Daiso Gel IR 60-1002A;Daiso Gel SP 2103;Daraclar 920;Davison D948;Develosil 60-5;Elcom V 8205;FK 310;Fractosil 500;Fuji Silica Gel A;GF 254;
  • Molecular formula:SiO2.xH2O + CoCl2
  • Molecular Weight:78.09960
  • Purity:
  • Appearance:White powder

Physicochemical Properties

  • Appearance and Character:White powder
  • Density:2.6
  • Melting point:1610℃
  • Flash point:23°C


Silica gel 60, 0.060-0.2mm; 70-230 mesh

Quality Inspection

Silica gel 60, 0.060-0.2mm; 70-230 mesh

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