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Tropaeolin O

  • CAS: 547-57-9
  • Purity:
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  • Product Details

Product Overview

  • Product NameTropaeolin O
  • CAS No:547-57-9
  • Alias:Benzenesulfonicacid, 4-[(2,4-dihydroxyphenyl)azo]-, monosodium salt (9CI); C.I. Acid Orange 6(7CI); C.I. Acid Orange 6, monosodium salt (8CI); Chrysoin S (6CI);Benzenesulfonic acid, p-(2,4-dihydroxyphenylazo)-, sodium salt (6CI);2,4-Dihydroxyazobenzene-4'-sulfonate sodium salt; Acid Leather Yellow PGW; AcidOrange 6; Acid Phosphine G New; Acme Yellow Acid Yellow RS; C Yellow 12; C.I.14270; C.I. Food Yellow 8; Cetil Chromine Yellow GR; Chrysoin; Chrysoin G;Chrysoin S Specially Pure; Chrysoine; Chrysoine Extra; Chrysoine Extra Pure A;Chrysoine N; Chrysoine S; Chrysoine S Extra Pure; Chrysonine S; Curol Orange G;Dermina Yellow G; E 103; E 103 (dye); Eniacid Yellow RS; Eurocert Chrysoine S;Gold yellow; Hispacid Yellow CG; Naphthazine Yellow RP; Neklacid Yellow G;Orange Acid G; Orange VI; Resorcin yellow; Resorcine Yellow; Resorcine Yellow OExtra; Resorcinol Yellow A; Resorcinol yellow; Sodium azoresorcinolsulfanilate;Tertracid Yellow TRO; Tropaeolin; Tropaeolin O; Tropaeolin R; Tropaeoline;Tropeolin O; Yellow T
  • Molecular formula:C12H9N2NaO5S
  • Molecular Weight:316.27
  • Purity:
  • Appearance:orange to dark brown powder

Physicochemical Properties

  • Appearance and Character:orange to dark brown powder


Tropaeolin O

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Tropaeolin O

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